Blog one Prompt (In Class)

Clarence B. Jones was an adviser and speech writer for Martin Luther King Jr.  Clarence B. Jones said at the Ross School of Business:

Young Clarence Jones next to MLK.

Young Clarence Jones next to MLK.

“History might well indict business students and CEOs as the Neros of today,” he argued, referencing the Roman emperor who was said to have played his fiddle while his city burned. “We can’t know what is happening and continue to conduct business as usual. It doesn’t matter how innovative your company’s technology is. This is a problem that must be dealt with now or later, and fewer options will be available later.”

Do you agree?  Are business and BUSINESS students fiddling while Rome burns?

What is a topic that you think this applies to?  Write about it and THEN research and find more information about your topic.

Some good places to find good writing.

Global Issues in Context Search tool (Takes you to the research by subject page.  Click on the “Global Issues in Context.”)

Society Pages

Fast Company



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