Sustainability Can Save Rome

I think that this quote can be applied to a wide variety of issues in today’s society.  The issue that first comes to mind is the issue of sustainability and finding an environmentally friendly way to conduct business.  Our society has been moving towards finding more environmentally friendly solutions, but our society is still consuming natural resources at a rate that cannot be continued forever.  Businesses often emit harmful emissions during production, which is not helping the state of the environment.  I believe we will run out of natural resources much sooner than we anticipate, and the harmful emissions that businesses have been emitting for years will cause more damage than people realize.  If businesses are not actively trying to find more efficient/”green” ways to carry out production, they are just further perpetuating this problem.  If our society and businesses continue on this trend of inefficiently using resources and paying little regard to the environment, no one will know what to do when humans use up all of our natural resources or cause so many problems that some resources can no longer be used.  We need to address this problem sooner rather than later, and that is where businesses and business students come in.  More business schools are including sustainability in their curriculum to try and raise awareness about this problem, but the problem is no where close to being “solved.”

In an article written just over a month ago for the Sydney Morning Herald, there are reports of a possible natural gas shortage in New South Wales (a state in Australia) as soon as 2018.  The article says that this shortage will mainly effect businesses as opposed to people that use gas in their homes, but there will be implications on the general population if a business cannot get as much gas as it needs to carry on production.  This article only forecasts gas shortages for NSW, but it is easy to imagine that other places will face the same problems.  As businesses and households continue to consume finite resources at alarming rate, shortages are bound to occur.  Discovering new supplies of these resources is not a solution to the problem, but more of an extension because it will allow people to carry for longer before they must fully face the problem.  Businesses must be actively trying to find more efficient ways to consume resources, and business students can help them to do so.  These students may bring solutions to their companies that no one has considered before.  If CEOs and businesses do not make an effort to be environmentally conscious and sustainable, “Rome” will certainly burn.


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