Blog 5- Muthien talk OR Connect to another blog

For this week (due Friday Feb 14, comments Sunday the 16th), you have two options.

Option A: Go to hear Bernadette Muthien, South African scholar, activist, author, and interesting person (in the LC Forum at 7 PM Tuesday night.)

Bernadette Muthien to speak...

Bernadette Muthien to speak…

More on her below.  Write here what you found interesting and how it relates to ideas about ethics, fairness, globalization, or any other topic you care to.

Option B: Connect to other wordpress blogs about topics you are interested that address organizations, or business, government and society.   More instructions below.

More on A

Bernedette Muthien is an engaging, challenging South African scholar, poet, facilitator, community activist, and social entrepreneur who works in the intersectional areas of gender, human rights, justice and peace. She will speak on Tuesday, February 11 in the Elaine Langone Center Forum at 7 PM.

In her talk titled Rematriating Ubuntu: Intersectionalities for Strategic and Resilient Transformation, Muthien plans to discuss gender-based human rights issues currently facing South Africa and their intersection with race, develop the concept of rematriating Ubuntu as a guiding philosophy for change, and share the challenges and successes she has had in her own work starting and running organizations that work for change on these issues, including discussion of policy development and advocacy.

Muthien has written for diverse audiences and published widely (170 publications and conference presentations with translations in six languages). Her research reflects the values of equity, societal transformation and justice. Muthien was the first Fulbright-Amy Biehl fellow at Stanford University and holds postgraduate degrees in Political Science from the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University (Andrew W Mellon Fellow). Among others, she serves on the Executive Council of the International Peace Research Association as co-convener of its Global Political Economy Commission; and serves on various international advisory boards, including the international journal Human Security Studies. She also chairs the Strategy and Policy Committee, as well as the special Committee on Human Remains, of the Council of Iziko Museums of South Africa, and serves as Deputy Chair of the board of the South African NGO Coalition in the Western Cape. She is presently leading a pan-African research project on Ubuntu and the Gift Paradigm in Africa with over 30 participating African countries. During 2012 she published her first solo poetry anthology, “ova”, to critical acclaim around the world. You can follow her on Twitter @BerneMuthien.

Muthien’s talk is sponsored by the School of Management’s Managing for Sustainability and Global Management Programs, University Lectureship Committee, Griot Institute for Africana Studies, Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, Bucknell Institute for Public Policy, Office of Civic Engagement, Associate Provost for Diversity, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, English Department, Economics Department, and Sociology/Anthropology Department.

More on B

Now, as you know that is BOTH publishing platform and a social network of all users and their blogs, let’s explore what this “blogosphere‘ has to offer.  I DO NOT WANT MAJOR MEDIA BLOGS.

Your mission, and you have to choose it (reference to old TV MI show), is to find a blog that you find interesting, provocative, or engaging that is in the blogosphere.  Write a comment there.  Write your own post somehow in dialogue with the target (other blog) post.  Include a HYPERLINK in your post. (Link to instructions)

How can you find a blog or post of interest?  Several ways.

1) Log into directly.  Click on the “Reader” tab.  You will see blogs you follow, “topics,” and “recommended blogs” by topic.  Use these tools to find a blog.

2) Within the “tags” sidebar, there is an “enter a tag” search box.  Type in a topic or key word.  What it is looking for is TAGS, a way to index content.  Try entering topics you are interested in.  NOTE: if it is multiple words, put them in “quotes” like “business ethics”

3) Click on “explore topics” to see a tag cloud across all of wordpress.

4) On the reader page, there is a tab for “freshly pressed.”  You can see lot sof interesting things there.
Now, what topics “count?”  Anything you can reasonably relate to this class.  A partial list:

  • The great recession
  • Kiva
  • Apple
  • Nike
  • Politics
  • State of US economy
  • Protests against or for corporations
  • Higher education
  • Sports as they reflect larger issues(Armstrong and reputation; race and American society)
  • Higher education
  • Model companies
  • Innovation
  • Ethical advice for managers

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