Prompt for Blog 6

Blogs are public writing.  They are about writing to build connections to readers, to an audience.  The digital technology combined with he reach of the Internet has given anyone a platform to be read by others.

One of my main goals with this class blog is to foster your own appreciation of writing to be read, of “real” writing for an audience.

For example, here is the graph of our blog’s readership.  You cna get to this also from the dashboard.  Push the button that looks like a bar graph…bargraph

We have had 61 readers this week.  Mostly due to Michaela’s post on Veganism!

bgs sp 14 stats

Imagine five people (literally) who you would like to read something you have written, who would find your writing interesting.

Write a post for them.  Th3 topic need only be loosely related to our class.  What is a topic that you have an opinion on?  What is a topic you think more people ought to consider?

We will have a contest to see who scores the best.  Your score will be a composite of

  2. Comments by people in class
  3. Comments by outsiders
  4. Clicks on links you embed in your post

Make your post SHINE. Each suggestion has a link to how to use it.  CLICK ON THEM to learn how to blog better.

  1. Use tags.  This helps other readers find your post.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.  ALWAYS TAG your posts.
  2. Use images.  It is easy using either a URL of an image or uploading it to our blog.  Make an image your “featured image” when you edit it your post so it looks even better.
  3. Add a poll.  It is easy.
  4. Ask a question.  That sparks comments.
  5. Comment on other blogs and link to your post.
  6. Share the URL of your post on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

Here you can see the top posts by who has viewed them.

top posts sp 14

Featured image credit:  “Young man Reading by Candlelight.”


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