Who Controls the Internet? Technology, Privacy, Controversy (Blog 7)

Internet Privacy Ad

People of today live in an ever-growing age of modern technology. Each year, innovative technological products continue to influence peoples’ daily lives. Although most of this technology’s sole purpose is to simplify lives, it also places ¬†controversial burdens on society. Most recently, the public has been in a state of despair due to the aftermath of the Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning information leaks. Snowden, especially, revealed that the personal information we house in PCs, MacBooks, Androids, iPhones, and tablets is not safe from prying eyes. Not only is one’s private information readily available to hackers, but it is also now being utilized by common communications companies.

In this week’s blog, your assignment is to find an interesting article regarding online privacy issues associated with today’s technology. You are to reflect upon the article’s content and provide your own opinion about the topic-at-hand. Feel free to use websites such as: Wired, Popular Science, CNET, and Gizmodo.

The above graphic was cropped from this original, created by Worldstream Marketing.Google privacy issues

Data source: WordStream, find your niche keywords.





Also, from civil society.


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