Okay so the article a read for this post  was from cnet.com and can be found at the bottom of my post. Basically what is talked about in the article is two co-workers are talking about the privacy over the internet and eventually come to an agreement that one of them is going to try to find as much information on the other person and see if it is possible to hack into his bank account. Doing this they are trying to see how much information a internet hacker can find on a person.

While searching the internet and using mostly Google and Facebook the co-worker is able to find his home address, date of birth, the date of his wedding anniversary, his child’s date of birth, his personal and work e-mail address, his cell phone number, his employment status and history, and even a good guess at his immigration status. After finding all of this information the co-worker decided to stop looking because he felt what he was doing was unethical. Although, he did say that he was close to getting at least a part of his social security number though his coworkers cell phone provider.

For me after reading this article I was really surprised how easily our information can be found. The guy that was looking up all of the information was not even a professional. He was just doing it because his co-worker made a bet with him and told him he could. If someone that is not a professional hacker can find this much information on someone it really makes you think what someone who knows what they are doing can find. After reading this article I think i will definitely be more cautious with my information in the futureImage

The article is



One thought on “Hackers

  1. How can you be careful? if the info is already out there, isn’t it lost? On whom is the burden of privacy? You? Or all the organizations that want to look? Or on the technology itself?

    I mean, imagine we are talking about the right to free speech. And every time you wanted to make a political statement, you had to spend 45 minutes making sure the coast was clear, that there wre no recording devices, and so on. Wouldn’t we conclude that, sure, you have a right to free speech, but in practice you can never exercise it?

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