What you believed is just not right.

A volte face is a 180 degree turn-around, it is literally to change your face.

Thought that Apple is one of the greenest company? Mike Daisey told you that might not be the case. Believed that Mr. Daisey revealed the “bloody truth” in China? The investigation turned out to be not reliable. Convinced that Natural Gas is a better energy solution in US? Josh Fox lighted the water from the tap and said no. Trusted Josh and starts to rethink about the Gas? Critics pumped out again.

Believed? Trusted? Convinced? In the last two months, students in MGMT 312 became more and more suspicious over  time. There is no absolute right in any case we reviewed—-no one can determine what is right and what is wrong. Theories have been turned over and over again.

But I bet that is not the only shocking truth you recognized in the last 20 years. So, what you believed with no doubt in the past turned out to be wrong? What convinced you about the “fact” at the very beginning? What turned that over later? Please share your personal experience, mis-believed common sense or anything shocked you once before with us. Surprise us, please.


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