Thinking More About Sustainability

For this week, we are going to take advantage of the Bucknell Sustainability Symposium.

You need to go to any ONE event (or more if you like!).

The full schedule is here.

Events are all day.  Two highlights are the poster session featuring, amongst others, our own Michaela LaPatin and the 7:30 talk by Juliet Schorr.

After you see your event, write a blog post about what you saw.  TO not be simply one more cheerleading session for sustainability, we want you to raise difficult questions or critiques of what you learn about.  This may involve some extra poking around (i.e. research).  You can argue AGAINST the critique, but bring more to the discussion.

For example, in this week’s Red Tomato discussion, two critiques to make.

a) In the video, it implied that local farmers and RT are hard-working and that the big players in the “system” are less so.  Really?  Is there reason to think that people working for local/sustainable agriculture work harder?

b) Wholesalers could object to RT being a non-profit.  It provides them a tax exemption while they compete in the same market as the for-profit wholesalers.


Featured image is the one the BUEC used to promote this event.




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