White Paper Resource Proposal — Society

In my white paper, I will try to explore the problem of dishonesty and cheating among college applicants from China. I do want to provide couple possible solutions from my own perspectives.

The problem complicated itself is more complicated than it appears to be.Despite the different situations students are facing, the increasing number of applicants from China set the basic competitive background overall. Due to the lack of regulation and policies, Chinese students turn out to be more vulnerable to unethical behaviors. The trust between colleges, students and high schools is very fragile. In the society resources, I want to explore more on the background. To explain why the number of applicants from China increasing so fast and how the competitive and intensive environment turned out.


I found one master thesis based on similar topic, but focus more on different cases in the following link:


I do no consider this thesis as well written as it simply listed multiple situations and does not have any deep thoughts or solution about the problem. However, there are many realistic examples involved in the paper I might be able to cite.

The following link gives specific numbers of Chinese students coming to US for study, since 2002 to 2013. I can make graph with those legitimate data.


The following link gives some good insights about Chinese students’ dilemmas during application:


The following link shows some struggles Chinese students facing after get into the college.



With all the society resources I provided, I just want to emphasis the dilemmas students in China are facing right now. The intensive¬†academic competition, peer pressure and disadvantage from being ethical. At the same time, I will try to translate some materials and statistics from Chinese websites, especially the agencies’ websites, to show how much advantage some relatively unethical students can get through different resources. Again, most society resources I used are only to set up the background information for the readers, but not necessary related to my own problem solutions or so.

I think those resources, besides the first master thesis, are generally reliable. They all come from either large international education organization or big news firms. So I believe their opinion are valuable.


2 thoughts on “White Paper Resource Proposal — Society

  1. Good start. Yes, all society sources.

    I am curious what the IEE is that provides the data. I looked briefly at their website. Can you learn more about them? Why do they produce such reports?

    You say that Chinese students face a “disadvantage…from being ethical.” What does that mean?

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