Living Building Challenge on College Campuses – Society Source

My white paper will focus on the Living Building Challenge and its use on college campuses. The Living Building Challenge is one of many programs that certify “green” buildings. Because all rating systems are different, a portion of my paper will focus on the requirements and expectations of buildings that meet this challenge. I will then explore universities that have used or plan to use this system to design and build on their campuses. I plan to discover the advantages and disadvantages of such buildings and determine the factors that influence a university’s decision to create such a building. I hope that by the end of the research I will be able to shed some light onto the decision of whether or not an institution like Bucknell should consider a project like this.

Programs like the Living Building Challenge are important in today’s building industry. The construction industry has an immense carbon footprint and contributes greatly to climate change. Green building design and implementation can greatly reduce these impacts. An important aspect of LBC specifically is that it needs to be considered in campus planning, building design, construction, and maintenance. This is the full life cycle of a building, not just design. Therefore, institutions planning to implement such a project need to begin planning very early, as well as include many important parties in this process early on.

The Living Building Challenge is a program created by the International Living Future Institute. This institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability in the built environment. The first resource I will be using was created by this organization and is therefore a “society” source. The Living Building Challenge 2.1 Reference Manual provides details about the overall program as well as each of the seven petals. This can be used to understand the basics of the Living Building Challenge and its requirements. It would be a helpful reference for an institution that is considering LBC. There are many basic requirements that are outlined here, such as brownfield development or the material redlist, that provide an introduction to LBC expectations. This source will be a helpful component of my research so that I can gain an understanding of the requirements of a building design.

This manual is a reliable source because it is provided by the certifying institution. It is used by industry professionals in planning, design, and implementation of a building. A good portion of my research is likely to come from this source for that reason.



One thought on “Living Building Challenge on College Campuses – Society Source

  1. Yes. It is a society source!

    Aren’t you curious more about the International Future Living Institute?

    I mean, come on, that name! Really?!? It could be a joke! Like, the name of the evil front company in some James Bond movie. Or the name of some naively do-gooder outfit. I am being facetious, but given how central LBC is to your paper, who started it? Why? Who funds it? Who is involved?

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