Water Conservation


The average shower uses about 5 gallons of water per minute. The average shower time for a person is around ten minutes. If a person were to shower once a day they would use 350 gallons of water per week showering. This comes out to 18,250 gallons a year.

To help cut back on the amount of water used my idea is a small water proof timer that a person could take with them in the shower. To make it more convenient the timer would have a elastic strap that would allow it to be put around a shampoo or body wash container. This timer would allow the user to time there average shower, then after finding out what their average shower time is the user could then set the timer for a couple minutes less than their average time helping the person adjust to a shorter shower time. If a person could cut off 2 minutes a day to their average shower time it would save 70 gallons of water a week and 3,650 gallons of water a year.


2 thoughts on “Water Conservation

  1. Derek,
    I think this is a very interesting idea. When I was taking Professor White’s Mindful Consumption class, we discussed the severity of excessive fresh water consumption for uses other than hydration. I think the timer would work very well in terms of motivating people to shower faster. I have also wondered whether or not it would be possible to build a filtration system that cleans shower water so it can be repetitively used. If this were to happen, then people could take as long as they want in the shower without the worry of wasting water.

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