Living Building Challenge on College Campuses – Government Source

Finding a government source for this topic is somewhat difficult for several reasons. While the government sponsors many green building efforts, the actual project, policies, and initiatives are often carried out by non-profit organizations. In addition, while public universities are largely funded by government programs, they are also nonprofit universities. However, I was able to find the California Green Building Standards Code, which outlines requirements for building in California. The interesting aspect of building regulations in California is that they are often more strict than national EPA guidelines, making this a useful resource.

Within this document, there is information regarding mandatory design specifications for residential and non-residential buildings. The “Nonresidential Mandatory Measures” in particular specifies requirements for public schools and community colleges within the state of California. There are requirements for bicycle parking, campus lighting, smoking, and acoustical controls. It will be helpful to compare these requirements by the State of California with the requirements outlined within the Living Building Challenge.

This document was prepared by the California Building Standards Commission. This is a commission within the Department of General Services under the Government Operations Agency. This is clearly a reliable source because it is produced by this government agency.


3 thoughts on “Living Building Challenge on College Campuses – Government Source

  1. I think the most useful way to use this information is if anyone has measured effectiveness of compliance. In other words, living building is a voluntary program, this is state-mandated.

    Otherwise, it is mostly useful for you simply for some background about varieties of building codes.

    Yes, it is a government source.

  2. This kind of broader search may help you in terms of comparing mandates to voluntary compliance….


    compliance effectiveness “building code” green sustainability comparison

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