Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry-Government Source

R&D Costs


I agree with the other classmates when I say that finding my government source was the most difficult to find. Luckily, however, I was able to find a research study performed by the Congress of the United States Congressional Budget Office. This study reviews basic facts regarding the drug industry’s recent R&D spending and its output of new drugs. It also addresses issues relating to the cost of R&D, the federal government’s role in pharmaceutical research, the performance of the pharmaceutical industry in developing new drugs, and the role of expected profits’ in private firms’ decisions about investing in drug R&D. In reading about the CBO’s studies’ accuracy, the CBO mandates that all cases provide objective and impartial analysis, while also making no recommendations. This is especially useful for me in writing my paper because it provides me with a genuinely personal conclusion at to how the pharmaceutical industry must continue to operate in the future.


Link Is Here


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