White Paper Proposals: Gov & Biz

Most business source about this topic are in Chinese, so I will translate necessary materials from Chinese resource. However, there are couple companies with English websites, even thought not usually most up to date.

Biz Source:



Some history of AIC education in English, but I will also translate its Chinese page, as it is the most up-to-date one.


An AIC’s competitor’s webpage. I will use this source to show the potential competition between those two firms. Also to demonstrate how such companies advertise with they application results.


China’s leading English&Test prep company, listed in NYSE. New Oriental Education is considered the founder of education consulting industry, however, soon be surpassed by other new companies with better understanding of the business. At the same time, they are still the leader in test prep business.

I will use the business source to mostly introduce the background of the industry and problem. However, most solutions are generated by my own, as the problem is relatively new. I think it is good to use the remarkable success in the most companies in the industry to show the booming trend. At the same time, some data reveled in those websites are really good to be analyzed, and we can see a lot of clues to the problem as well as the solutions.

It is really hard to find related Government resource about this problem in English.

However, I did find one organization under Ministry of Education in China. It mainly provide service for study aboard as well as international education exchange program. I will try to dig some more current topic from this website’s Chinese version, as the English one is really old.






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