White Paper Resource Proposals

Please put your name here and then label and link to each proposal.   Like


Biz: Patagonia

Gov: New Legislation, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 156E

Soc: Improving the benefit corporation: How traditional governance mechanisms can enhance the innovative new business form.”


Biz: Skanska Documents

Gov: California Green Building Standards Code

Soc: Living Building Challenge 2.1 Reference Manual


Biz: Gov: Soc:


Biz: Gov: Soc: Using a Thesis.


Biz: The Revolving Door: Business [This is a broad-based blog post, but I labeled it “Business” due to the focused paragraph on Goldman Sachs]

Gov: The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995

Soc: Open Secrets


Biz: How Pfizer Changes Its Organizational Structure to Better Meet Industry Needs

Gov: Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Soc: Rising R&D Costs Cause Pharmaceutical Industry to Change


Biz: Looks like a Business to me


Soc: Is the NCAA a Cartel


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